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with Dr. Campbell

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Lifestyle Medicine At Home


It is valuable to have a physician who understands a comprehensive approach to health and illness, particularly one that is expert on how diet and lifestyle may or may not be playing a role in your medical concerns. There are times when traditional Western medicine is required and times when diet and lifestyle may be a preferred approach. Dr. Campbell knows both and uses an "all of the above" approach.

Set up a telemedicine visit and consider evaluation and management with a family physician and an expert in obesity medicine and nutrition. Dr. Campbell will order labwork and testing as necessary and can prescribe, or deprescribe, medications.

A new patient visit must be 60 minutes and a followup patient visit is 30 minutes and is conducted through a HIPAA-compliant Zoom interface.​


"He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skills of the physician."

- Chinese proverb

Common Visit Topics

Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

How can diet and lifestyle changes help you reach your health goals?

Chronic Disease Management

Medications, testing, and diet and lifestyle approaches

Preventive Heart Health

Is advanced testing indicated? What diet and lifestyle changes will help?

Weight Management

Accountability and coaching you need to set the most effective goals and then follow through. 

Prescription Drugs

"Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness."   

- Edward Stanley

Frequently asked questions

What if I am not located in New York State or Florida?

Dr. Campbell has a medical license in New York State and an out-of-state telehealth practitioner registration to practice in the state of Florida ( He is not currently licensed in other states. If you are in another state, Dr. Campbell cannot offer a consult at this time because he always considers medical evaluation and treatment as part of his diet and lifestyle approach, which would put him at odds with medical licensing laws. Please email to let us know where you are located, and let us know if you would schedule a visit if it was available. That will help us determine where it would make sense to get additional licensure.

What is the price?

If you visit is billed to insurance, cost may vary based on your insurance plan. If you will be paying the full cost without insurance (self-pay), a 60 minute visit is $300 and a 30 minute visit is $150. A new patient visit must be a 60 minute visit.

What is Dr. Campbell's medical philosphy (medications vs nutrition vs herbal products vs supplements)?

Dr. Campbell has had a richly rewarding experience helping many patients reclaim their health from the ravages of chronic disease using diet and lifestyle changes. But while his passion is lifestyle medicine, he fully embraces an "all of the above" approach for his patients, which includes advocating for and prescribing medications and tests as indicated by accepted guidelines. He has seen many amazing, inspiring outcomes from people adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, but it is also obvious to him that diet and lifestyle will not prevent or effectively treat everyone's illness. This is why he also uses prescription medication as you would expect any typical doctor trained in Western medicine to do, in the context of a discussion of risks and benefits. While he honors patients' personal experiences with alternative treatments like herbal products and supplements, he does not prescribe these himself, as his expertise lies in evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle changes, along with traditional medical/procedural intervention as warranted.

What does Dr. Campbell treat?

Dr. Campbell is a board-certified family physician, so you can consider his expertise to be similar to that of any other primary care physician. He routinely manages high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and evaluates common chronic diseases. His expertise becomes much more specialized, beyond primary care, when it comes to diet and lifestyle. A certified obesity medicine specialist and renowned plant-based expert, he has counseled many people on weight loss. He also has counseled many patients regarding diet and lifestyle in the context of their various other diagnoses like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc...

Do you accept insurance?

We accept Medicare, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, and MVP (Rochester area)

Will Dr. Campbell order lab tests or place other orders (imaging, referrals)?

Yes. Your telehealth consult is a full medical appointment, and Dr. Campbell will pursue a full medical evaluation as warranted. This process may be slightly different for each patient based on your location.